HealthWare Systems and WLT Forge Partnership to Empower TPA Members with Innovative Solutions


Elgin, IL:  HealthWare Systems, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions for over 26 years, announces the expansion of its services to benefit WLT's TPA (Third Party Administrator) partners. With multiple business units dedicated to providing innovative solutions and services, HealthWare Systems aims to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness for WLT’s TPA partners.

HealthWare offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of WLT’s TPA partners.
These include:

1. Workflow Optimization: Streamlining processes and improving efficiency through innovative workflow solutions.

2. Document Interpretation: Utilizing advanced technology to interpret and process documents accurately and efficiently.

3. Electronic Forms:
Implementing electronic forms to enhance data capture and streamline administrative processes.

4. Member/Provider Engagement: Enhancing communication and interaction between members, providers, and TPAs.

5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA):
Automating repetitive tasks and processes to increase productivity and reduce manual effort.

Furthermore, HealthWare Systems' payment integrity platform utilizes AI-based fraud, waste, and abuse detection technology, leveraging Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) to identify and prevent fraudulent claims. This platform operates in a post-adjudication and pre-payment model, ensuring that payments are not issued for flagged claims, thereby safeguarding the financial integrity of TPA operations.

"Our collaboration with HealthWare Systems, alongside its subsidiaries Naviquis and CyberPro Partners, signifies a leap forward in leveraging advanced technologies to tackle the complexities of modern healthcare,” said Shelley Van Etten, President & CEO of WLT Software Enterprises, Inc.

“HealthWare Systems' AI-powered workflow automation solutions, coupled with Naviquis' expertise in payment integrity, and CyberPro's robust security services, present an unparalleled opportunity to transform healthcare operations. Together, we are poised to deliver comprehensive solutions that streamline processes, ensure payment accuracy, and fortify data security. This partnership embodies our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare industry."

Steve Gruner, President of HealthWare Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with WLT and its TPA partners, stating, "We are extremely excited to work with WLT and its TPA partners. We look forward to offering new services and solutions via our automation platform, our payment integrity solutions, and our cybersecurity services.”

In response to the escalating cybersecurity threats facing the healthcare industry, HealthWare Systems' cybersecurity unit offers cutting-edge solutions to protect digital assets and mitigate risks. Through access to experienced Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and Chief Technology Officers (CTO) on a fractional basis, HealthWare Systems empowers TPA partners to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape with confidence.

The expansion of HealthWare Systems' services comes at a critical time for the healthcare industry, particularly considering the recent cyber-attacks that have impacted organizations across the sector. By providing innovative solutions and robust cybersecurity measures, HealthWare Systems is committed to supporting the success and resilience of WLT’s TPA partners.

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About WLT:
WLT Software Enterprises, Inc., is a leading provider of advanced benefits administration and claims adjudication systems for Insurance Companies, Government Employee Plans, TPAs, and Self-Administered Groups. With corporate offices in Clearwater, FL, WLT’s core systems include MediClaims and CompClaims. Core system capabilities encompass a range of benefit and claim types, from full Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Drug, to FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Disability, and HMO Capitation, to Work Comp claims.
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About HealthWare Systems:
HealthWare Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and Revenue Cycle Management software. We specialize in applying robotic process automation (RPA) to healthcare processes to improve both the patient experience and the revenue cycle. Our ActiveWARE suite of products manages pre-arrival, financial assistance, early out, collections, denial management, claims follow-up, and more, and is proven to maximize productivity and profitability so that healthcare teams have more time and resources to spend on quality care.

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