ActiveASSIST: Integrating Presumptive Charity and Propensity to Pay Solutions

Posted on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

ActiveASSIST is fully integrated with presumptive charity and propensity to pay solutions to help identify financial counseling prospects and to guarantee that all patients are provided the same fair and level assessment during financial assistance screening.

What is ActiveASSIST?

ActiveASSIST is our real-time financial assistance screening and workflow management solution. Our solution is designed to:

  1. Identify patients who may be candidates for financial assistance.

  2. Find alternative funding sources for patient accounts.

  3. Segment and prioritize patient accounts based on propensity to pay.

  4. Provide payment collection options based on each patient’s situation.

  5. And much more.

How Does ActiveASSIST Utilize Presumptive Charity and Propensity to Pay Solutions?

Presumptive charity solutions determine the likelihood that a patient will qualify for financial assistance based on factors such as demographic data, household size, income, and charity approvals previously made by the hospital.

Propensity to pay solutions assess patients’ ability to pay, identifying which patients are likely to make a payment and which patients should be extended financial assistance options.

Combining these solutions with a basic questionnaire integrated into the (pre)registration process, ActiveASSIST can identify a likely financial assistance prospect and route the patient history, visit information, and electronic application forms to internal counselors or hospital-approved vendors for follow-up.

The following ActiveASSIST features enable you to more effectively manage your self-pay patient population and financial assistance workflow:

  1. Quick Screens – Basic questionnaires combined with the presumptive charity result identify likely prospects for financial assistance early in the revenue cycle.

  2. Plan Code Recommendations – Recommended plan codes are presented to the registrar according to business rule selection and prioritization based on the “payer of last resort.”

  3. Calculation of Charitable Co-Pay

  4. Full Assessments – Comprehensive patient interview captures detailed information in the facility, in the field, or at contracted vendor locations.

ActiveASSIST not only determines which patients are candidates for financial assistance, but also manages financial assistance workflow to ensure that patient accounts and financial assistance applications progress at an acceptable pace. ActiveASSIST can monitor and enforce specific documentation requirements for each financial assistance program and flag and assign deficiencies to associates for resolution.

The Benefits of Presumptive Charity and Propensity to Pay Solutions

Implementing financial assistance screening technology that integrates presumptive charity and propensity to pay solutions provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Removing guesswork from financial assistance and patient collections activities.

  2. Streamlining financial assistance and patient collections decision-making.

  3. Directing patient collection efforts toward those most likely and able to pay.

  4. Increasing patient collections.

  5. Enhancing patient advocacy.

  6. Ensuring the provider is payer of last resort by exhausting all other funding options first.

  7. Improving healthcare access.

  8. And more.

Contact us to learn more about how ActiveASSIST utilizes presumptive charity and propensity to pay solutions to help your patients obtain financial assistance and help you reduce uncompensated care; or, view a short demo here.


By Stephanie Salmich

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