Employee Spotlight: Solomon Tribhuwan, Database Professional

Trustworthy. Simplicity. Agility.

These are the three words Solomon Tribhuwan would use to describe working at HealthWare Systems. 

Tribhuwan works in Database Administration where he leads a group of database professionals.

Solomon’s career development is building with each new day at HealthWare Systems. Tribhuwan says his, “dream of leading a team of database experts and providing sound database background processes to different applications was fulfilled at HealthWare Systems. The company offered me a way to learn different platforms and provided resources for my success.”

Tribhuwan says that at HealthWare Systems, “the voice of any person can be heard effectively without repercussions. An employee could walk up to the owner of the company to discuss things and they are open to it. Human Relations is more of a friend than a machine for onboarding. The budget is flexible, and the company is open to buying resources that help employees.”

Solomon is helping the company reimagine the patient experience by living out his passion. Tribhuwan is passionate about, “making a difference in the lives of patients,” and had been even before starting at HealthWare Systems. He knew he was perfect for the job.

Solomon has worked on many projects throughout the years at HealthWare Systems. One project he highlights is the Patient Encounter System, also known as Facilitator. “Facilitator has been my favorite project,” says Tribhuwan.

Facilitator is a platform that streamlines pre-arrival workflow, prior authorization, medical necessity checking, insurance verification, appeals management, financial assistance screening, release of information, and more.

“I was very new when this project started and learned how hands-on the owner of the company was. It was very comforting to see my boss being there for me during the entire process. The structures and logistics which were designed for this project are still working reliably across different hospital systems and collection agencies,” Tribhuwan shares.

It’s employees like Solomon who allow HealthWare Systems to live up to such words as trustworthy, simplicity, and agility.

Thank you, Solomon, for sharing your experience and being a valued member of the HealthWare Team! We look forward to your continued success and accomplishments.